Glossary of TripIt Pro flight alerts

TripIt Pro members can receive flight status notifications via email, push and SMS. Here is what each notification means:

Arrival: Tells you what time your flight arrived at its destination and will display your baggage claim information if available.

Canceled: Your flight has been canceled. You should contact your airline or travel vendor to reschedule.

Check-in Reminder: A reminder to check into your flight is sent 24 hours prior to departure.

Connection at risk: There may not be enough time to catch your connecting flight.

Connection summary: Tells you how much time you have to get to your connecting flight.

Delayed: Your flight will depart at a later time than originally scheduled.

Departure summary: Tells you what time your flight is departing its origin city and is sent 4 hours prior to departure.

Gate change: Your flight is departing or arriving at a new gate number.

Possible delay: There is a chance your flight is delayed so you should check with the airline.

Possible pull-in: There is a chance your flight is departing earlier than the delayed time alert so you should verify with the airline.

Pulled-in: When a delay alert was initially sent but your flight is now departing earlier than the delayed time alert or closer to the original departure time. 

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

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